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Mid-American Pioneers Pop-Up Camping Club


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Members Page

Meet Our Members!
Here are the members of our group and their webpages (if they have one).  Check out their pages to learn more about them.

Rednekrubrduck & Thecatsmeow (Ian & Lori)
from Olathe, KS

Their pop-up pics

Ian's website

Lori's website

67Skamper (Pastor Steve & Pastor Anne)
from Eldora, IA

Pastor Steve's Youth Group

Pastor Steve's Church Page

Steve's Art Studio Website

Pastor Anne's Church

The Jesus Van

Jackgoesthepopup & Iwantapopup (Tim & Linda)
from St. Louis, MO

Tim & Linda's pop-up

Muddobber - (Ken & Joni) from Biloxi, MS

Extremesoccermom - (Sandi) from St. Louis, MO

The Gault Family Page

Vernon & Billie from Fenton, MO

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.